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Opti-Pak Detergent/Suds

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Product Number OPLD

Small Package. Big Results.

Opti-Pak ultra-concentrated Detergent/Suds is a combination of nonionic surfactants, solubilizers, soil suspending agents and fabric brighteners.  This highly effective detergent has been formulated for use in dispensed multi-component laundry systems.

  • Produces exceptional results in hot, warm, or cold temperatures
  • Safe for all water washable items when used as directed

This premium non-ionic liquid detergent is fortified with water soluble solvents and conditioning agents for maximum results on synthetic linens. Does not compromise the integrity of linens. Also delivers excellent results on natural fabrics with cosmetic or other oil based soils. Compatible with other laundry products.

2 x 1 Gallon


COLOR: Clear Violet
ODOR: Pleasant
VISCOSITY: < 15 cps
pH: 7.5
FOAMING: Moderate

Place dispenser pickup tube in container. Product will be automatically injected during the wash cycle. Follow instructions on your Laundry Procedures and Drying Guidelines posters. Consult your Service Representative for additional application information.

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