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Opti-Pak Sour

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Product Number OPLA

Small Package. Big Results.

Alkaline break or heavily built detergents used in commercial multi-component systems leave alkaline residues on fabrics which require use of a sour in the final rinse cycle for best results.  In addition, iron or fine rust in laundry process water can cause spotting and discoloration.

  • Counteract iron discoloration
  • Restore natural fabric pH
  • Increase the effectiveness of softeners, starch, and sizing in the final rinse cycle

This concentrated laundry sour delivers excellent performance under the most demanding applications. Its ability to remove iron discolorations and restore linens to their proper pH is not affected by even extremely hard water. Improves efficiency of softeners and starches used in the final rinse while prolonging service life of linens.

2 x 1 Gallon


COLOR: Colorless
ODOR: Acidic
VISCOSITY: < 10 cps
pH: 1.5
ACTIVE AGENTS: Organic and Inorganic Acids

Place dispenser pickup tube in container. Product will be automatically injected during the sour/soft cycle. Follow instructions on your Laundry Procedures and Drying Guidelines posters. Consult your Service Representative for additional application information.

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