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Product Code 446

This clinging, cherry scented, hydrochloric acid toilet bowl and restroom cleaner is highly effective for removing heavy stains, soil, rust, scale, soap scum and hard water encrustations in toilet bowls, urinals, shower stalls and other areas where these types of soils occur. It clings to vertical and underside surfaces to stay longer where needed most and chemically “scrub” surfaces clean. Pleasant cherry fragrance deodorizes as it cleans leaving surfaces and areas smelling clean and fresh.

12 x 32 oz. Case

32 oz.

COLOR: Clear Red
ODOR: Cherry
VISCOSITY: 650 cps
pH: <1
WETTING: Excellent

Apply product directly under the rims of toilet bowls at water outlets. Allow contact time for chemical cleaning action. Apply to bowl mop and swab bowl surfaces thoroughly. Flush. For urinals, remove screens, blocks, etc. before cleaning. Apply product directly inside rim and around drain edge. Allow contact time, then swab all surfaces thoroughly. Flush.

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