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Intercon Employees Help to "Blow Up Lung Cancer" 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

Intercon and it's employees are actively participating in the "Blow Up Lung Cancer" 2015 event.

In conjunction with Lung Cancer Awareness month in November 2015, Lung Cancer Connection is again hosting its annual "Blow Up Lung Cancer" campaign in the greater St. Louis area for the entire month.
We urge you to host your own "Blow Up Lung Cancer" event, where participants are invited to blow up a balloon- a simple task most people take for granted, but which is next to impossible for lung cancer patients.
You can host events at hospitals, businesses, schools, churches, even at your Thanksgiving gathering. Join us as we work to raise awareness and support for lung cancer in St. Louis, and honor those patients who struggle every day for each breath. 
Please contact Intercon to see how you can join our Blow Up Lung Cancer event.