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Lift for Life Academy

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lift for Life Academy, St. Louis, Missouri students honed their presentation skills with the enthusiastic support of Intercon Chemical team members today.

The students are working on a fundraising presentation written and developed on their own under the general direction of teachers and mentors.

Susan Kelter, Community Relations and Volunteer Manager was pleased with the offer from Intercon Chemical to not only share improvement recommendation to their presentation, but to allow the students to present in front of a live audience.

Intercon Chemical furthered offered  assistance from team members in the areas of chemistry, finance, customer service, marketing and more.

Best of luck to the Lift for Life Academy students and their fundraising efforts!

The Lift for Life Academy Philosophy

Lift For Life Academy shall be an exciting and nurturing place of learning where students, staff, and parents work together in mutual respect so that students may achieve their personal best both academically and socially preparing them to achieve/excel in today’s diverse society.

Lift For Life Academy is a challenging and supportive learning community where students are valued and empowered to maximize their full potential as students, citizens and productive members of society.

Core Value
Lift For Life Academy Hawks will soar to excellence in learning and in character, every day, in every classroom, for every student, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!