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Ally Enzyme Floor Cleaner

Product Code: 7803

This product is a revolutionary product that combines a powerful blend of bioactive enzymes and grease solubilizers. This product is designed for use on quarry tile, grout, ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble and concrete. When used for daily floor cleaning, the bioactive enzymes and grease solubilizers penetrate the pores of quarry tile and grout. It provides constant enzyme action during and after application to eat away at grease, oils and other organic material build up.

4 x 1 Gallon


4 x Gallon Icon

COLOR: Clear Green

ODOR: Fresh

PH: 8.5




For daily cleaning of quarry tile, terrazzo, marble or other porous flooring: dilute two ounces of product per gallon of warm water. Apply solution liberally onto floor surface with a mop and allow solution to stand on floor surface until solution penetrates soils. Agitate floor surface with mop. For heavily soiled areas use deck brush or machine scrub as needed. Mop up or squeegee excess solution toward floor drain. Discard mop water down drains to reduce grease build up and eliminate odors. REFER TO PRODUCT LABEL AND SDS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Intercon Chemical C