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Laundry Color Safe Bleach

Product Code 203C

This liquid oxygen bleach is the ideal bleach for all washable fabrics. It contains no chlorine; does not impair fabric finishes such as permanent press or many flame retardant finishes; will not damage fibers or remove colors. It safely removes stains and helps colors look their cleanest and brightest.


2.5 Gal Case


COLOR: Clear Colorless
ODOR: Odorless
pH : 4.0

Contains Hydrogen Peroxide technical. Causes irritation to skin. May cause eye injury. EFFECTS MAY BE DELAYED.
AUTOMATIC DISPENSING SYSTEMS should be programmed to deliver bleach destainer during wash water at a rate of 3-4 oz.
For Best Results: Pre-sort linens by fabric type, color and soil. Pre-treat heavily soiled or stained linens before loading into the machine. Load washer to correct capacity. Do not overload dryer. Use proper dryer temperature and remove linens promptly when dry. Do not over-dry linens. Fold or iron linens promptly after dry cycle. Store linens in separate, clean storage area. Allow shelf time for maximum freshness.