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WA Rapidyne

Product Code 7207

WA Rapidyne 5 gallon

RAPIDYNE® is a low-foaming, liquid iodophor sanitizer in a super-concentrated formulation.  RAPIDYNE is especially suited for continuous or automatic feeding of central sanitizing systems where the super-concentrated strength results in the highest cost efficiency of any iodine sanitizer.  RAPIDYNE is low-foaming and promotes faster drainage.




RAPIDYNE is a sanitizer for use after cleaning processing equipment, tanks, filters, fillers, lines and other stainless steel equipment.

Concentration: 1 oz. to 26 gallons water (12.5 ppm).  1 oz. to 13 gallons water (25 ppm).

Temperature:  60° to 110°F. 

Cleaning Time:  At least 2 minutes. Discard sanitizing solution when concentration reaches 12.5 ppm.  Sanitizing solutions above 25 ppm require a potable water rinse.

Drain equipment prior to food contact.