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just peachy

Product Code 0268

This concentrated, water soluble deodorant combines a great, fresh peach scent with effective odor elimination.  It changes the chemical/mechanical structure of the odor causing molecules to truly “neutralize” malodors.  Squirt it directly on all odor problems on carpets, linens, in waste baskets, closets - exactly where it is needed.  Use full strength or in dilution.

12 x 32 oz. Case


32 oz.

APPEARANCE: Clear , Colorless
ODOR: Peach
VISCOSITY: 10 cps                                                                                                                   pH: 9.0
SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 0.99                                                                                      SOLUBILITY: Complete                                                                                               SHELF LIFE: 2 Years Minimum

Surface Deodorizing: Spray product directly on source of odor at a dilution ranging from 2 oz./gallon to full strength, depending on odor conditions. Uxe in mop water and auto scrubers at 1-2 oz./gallon.

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