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Product Code 0370

This concentrated, clear formula cleaner/maintainer effectively cleans, shines and restores finished floor surfaces without trapping dirt. This greatly extends the service life of floor finishes, saving the labor costs of premature stripping and
recoating. It leaves a clear, thermal-reactive film which produces a clean, “wet look” gloss at a variety of buffer speeds.
Compatible with most current types of floor finishes.

4x 1 Gallon



COLOR (LIQUID): Clear, Colorless
ODOR: Floral
pH: 9
SOLUBILITY IN WATER: Complete Dispersable
COVERAGE: Up to 30,000 sq. ft./gal.

CLEANING AND MAINTAINING: Dilute with water at the rate of 4-6 oz./gallon for floors with a sound coat of finish. Mop and clean a manageable area of floor, not allowing floor to dry completely before buffing. Buff floor dry with a white pad.
For heavily worn or damaged finish, a more concentrated solution (up to 4:1) may be used.
SPRAY BUFFING: Dilute with water at the rate of 12-18 oz./gallon into a properly labeled spray container. Spray lightly in front of floor machine and buff (using a white or red pad) until floor is dry and gloss is restored. Increase the concentration
of the solution for heavily soiled areas or preclean using our compatible cleaner.
AUTOSCRUBBER: Dilute with water at the rate of 6-8 oz./gallon. Using a light duty cleaning pad, lay down, agitate and vacuum up cleaning solution. Follow by buffing with a white pad.

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