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Pink Lotion Soap

Product Code 0922

A blend of synthetic surface active agents which provide unexcelled cleaning performance with outstanding mildness. Produces rich creamy suds with no soap scum, even in hard water. Leaves skin clean, soft and refreshed. Excellent for use in educational facilities, health clubs and industrial areas.

Dispenser Ready... Convenient
Pleasant Fragrance... Pleasant to Use
Excellent Cleaner... Reduced risk
No Irritating Impurities... Reduced Chapping


COLOR: Translucent Pink
ODOR: Pleasant
VISCOSITY: 2500 cps
pH (1%): 7.4
DETERGENCY:  Excellent
WETTING:  Excellent
Apply to wet hands. Lather by rubbing hands together, paying attention to areas between fingers and the sides of the hands. Rinse thoroughly when finished.