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de-rust plus

Product Code 419N

This rust and mineral remover quickly and effectively removes rust, iron and other mineral stains from linens, either as a spot treatment or when added to the wash wheel. Saves linen replacement costs by getting unsightly rust-spotted linens
back into service. Buffered formula for improved user safety. Excellent for use as a carpet brown-out (when diluted) or as a rust spotter (undiluted).

Can be used as a carpet spotter.

6 x 32 oz. Case


32 oz.

COLOR: Clear, Odorless
ODOR: Characteristic
pH: 2.0
ACTIVE AGENTS: Organic and
Inorganic Acids

LAUNDRY USE: Apply directly to rust spots or iron stains undiluted. Always apply out to the edge of circular stains to ensure complete removal. Allow up to 5 minutes contact time for best results, then launder as usual. May also be added to automatic washers in the final rinse cycle at the rate of 4 to 8 ounces per 50 pounds of discolored linen.
NOTE: Do not use in washers with enamelled wheel linings.
CARPET USE: Use undiluted for rust spots. Apply directly to spot, agitate with a clean cloth and follow with a fresh water rinse. Blot area thoroughly. For brown-out treatment, dilute product at 1:16 (8 oz./gal.) and apply by extractor or spray.
NOTE: Test product for compatibility with carpet in an inconspicuous area before use of this product.