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spot solv plus

Product Code 0640

This solvent based spotter is formulated and proven for removal of many types of oil based spots and stains. Its dry side chemical action removes ink, paints, oil, grease, varnish, polishes, tar, asphalt, cosmetics and similar materials. It is
also excellent for removal of old dried out stains which have been set by age, heat and unsuccessful attempts at removal by other spotters. The high solvency of this product adds new life to the staining materials so they may be broken up and
flushed out.

Can be used as a carpet spotter.

6 x 32 oz. Case


32 oz.

COLOR: Light Amber
ODOR: Citrus/Solvent
pH: N/A
SOLVENCY: Excellent

LAUNDRY USE: Apply directly to spots and stains, working in thoroughly until stains loosen. Use of a small brush will improve overall results. Rinse with water and wash in machine. More stubborn stains may require repeat application of product prior to washing or saturation of the stained areas with a longer “soak in” time loosen stains.
CARPETS AND FABRICS: Apply spotter directly to spots. Allow time to penetrate and loosen stain. Agitate with a blunt scraper and blot up with clean, dry towel. Follow with shampooing or extraction cleaning. This product may also be used as a booster for traffic lane cleaners for removal of heavy grease or badly soiled areas.

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