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spotzyme plus

Product Code 816N

This dual-enzyme based spot remover removes protein-based soils under a wide range of use conditions and gives superior cold temperature results. Attacks the stain, not the fabric, to remove both fresh and “set” stains. Effective against a variety of soils including eggs, mustard, grass, blood, fecal matter, etc. A key part of an effective spot removal program.

Can be used as a carpet spotter.

6 x 32 oz. Case


32 oz.

COLOR: Clear Green
ODOR: Cherry
pH: 8.5
FOAMING: Moderate
ACTIVE AGENT: Dual Proteolytic Enzymes

LAUNDRY PRESPOTTER: Spray this product directly onto protein based stains, such as those from eggs, chocolate, blood, fecal matter, and grass. Allow spotter to penetrate and saturate stain at least 15 minutes before laundering goods.
After appropriate contact time, load linens into machine and launder as usual.
WHEN USED AS A PRESOAK: Fill soak bin half full with room temperature water. Add product at a rate of 1/2 cup per gallon of water in soak bin. Place stained linens in soak bin.
For light stains, allow 1 hour contact time. For heavier stains, allow to soak overnight. Change solution daily. CARPET SPOTTER: Blot up liquids before applying this product. Apply to soiled area and allow 15 minutes to 1 hour
contact time. Blot up with clean toweling and shampoo carpet according to regular procedure. Do not add other products to this prespotter. Doing so may destroy the enzymatic activity and impair results.

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