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powdered plus

Product Code 0191

This highly effective detergent powder plus softener plus oxygen bleach is formulated for single component general laundry as well as multi-component automatic laundry systems. Because of the unique nonionic-cationic combination incorporated in this surfactant system, distinct laundering advantages are realized. This product prevents deposition of softener precipitates which build up on fabric causing grey-yellow discoloration and also loss of hand, texture, fluffiness and absorbency. Additionally, this product produces exceptional results in hot, warm or cold water temperatures: safety for all washable items including colorfast bleachable fine fabrics; and removal of grease, oil, collar soils, food, make-up, mud and dirt.

50 lb, 4 x 8lb Case


COLOR: White Powder
ODOR: Mild Detergent
pH (1%): 12

GENERAL LAUNDRY: Use only 1⁄2 cup (4 oz.) in standard machines. Use up to 3⁄4 cup (6 oz.) for large capacity machines, extra-large or heavily soiled loads. DO NOT OVERUSE.
NOTICE - This product is not compatible with other laundry products except as recommended. No other presprays, detergents or softeners are necessary.
COMMERCIAL MACHINES require 10 to 20 oz. per 100 lbs. of laundry depending upon soil conditions. Follow instructions on your Laundry Procedures and Drying Guidelines posters. Consult your Service Representative for additional applications information using dispensing equipment.