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Pro-Con SYSTEMS down the drain

Product Code PDTD

Grease trap & drain maintainer. This blend of live bacteria, enzymes, grease solubilizers and odor neutralizing agents is a natural and safe waste digester. It works naturally to break down and liquify grease and other organic wastes that build up and clog drains and grease traps.
The Down The Drain Automatic System combines the concentrated product with a programmable dispensing pump that AUTOMATICALLY dispenses the proper amount of concentrate into your drain line or grease trap at scheduled intervals.This regular and measured dosage insures that grease and waste will not build up to clog lines and traps. Manual cleaning of drains and traps is virtually eliminated.

Intercon Brand Only


2.5 gal Case Handi-Keg

Product Properties
COLOR: Opaque, White
ODOR: Pleasant
pH: 7.0
BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Certified Non-Pathogenic Four-Strain Enzyme Producing Bacteria


Program dispenser to deliver product into grease traps and drain lines at periods of lowest use. Drain line treatment in multi-story buildings should start on the lowest floor and move up. Consult your Sales/Service Representative for additional information.