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INTERCON The Cleaner...The Better




Product Code 0408

This mild acid cleaner is a versatile and effective restroom cleaner. It quickly removes scale, soap scum, rust, and hard water deposits from all restroom surfaces. Its thick clinging formula allows greater contact time on vertical surfaces for greater cleaning efficiency. Does not attack chrome and is safe on plumbing fixtures and other metal surfaces.

12 x 32 oz. Case


32 oz.

COLOR: Red Viscous Liquid
ODOR: Cherry
VISCOSITY: 500 cps
pH: 2.0
WETTING: Excellent

TOILET BOWLS: Remove water from bowl by forcing over trap with applicator. Remove excess water from applicator by pressing it against side of bowl. Pour 1 oz. on applicator. Clean entire unit, especially under rim at water outlets. Allow to remain 10 minutes. Flush and rinse out applicator.
URINALS: Pour 1 oz. onto mop and apply directly onto surface. Swab out entire unit thoroughly. Allow to remain 10 minutes. Flush and rinse out applicator.
WASH BASINS, SHOWER STALLS, DRINKING FOUNTAINS AND STAINLESS STEEL, ETC.: Always dilute with 3 parts water. Do not allow solution to remain on fixtures without immediately thoroughly rinsing with water.

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