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Fragrance Free C.B. No-Rinse Sanitizer

Product Code RNRS

The Fragrance Free C.B. No-Rinse Sanitizer is an effective sanitizer-cleaner for use on food contact as well as non-food contact surfaces such as counter- tops, sinks, stovetops, walls and more. Uses include restaurants, institutional kitchens, nursing homes, and more.

6x34 oz.


COLOR: Colorless
ODOR: Mild
pH: 9.5
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Quaternary ammonium chlorides

It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. 
SANITIZING NON-FOOD CONTACT SURFACE DIRECTIONS:  Apply this product as is to sanitize hard nonporous surfaces with a cloth, mop, sponge, wiper or sprayer. Rub with a brush, sponge, wiper or cloth. Treated surfaces must remain wet for 60 seconds. Allow to air dry. For sprayer applications, use a coarse spray device. Spray 6 - 8 inches from surface. Avoid breathing spray. 
SANITIZING FOOD CONTACT SURFACE DIRECTIONS:  Use this product [200 ppm active] for sanitizing and cleaning of equipment and utensils in food processing, dairy industry, bars, restaurants, institutional kitchens, meat and poultry processing plants. Prior to application, remove gross food particles and soil by a pre-wash, pre-scrape, or pre-?ush, and when necessary pre-soak. Thoroughly wash or ?ush equipment or utensils with a good detergent or compatible cleaner followed by a potable water rinse before applying sanitizer.
Apply this product to pre-cleaned hard non-porous surfaces with cloth, mop, sponge, or sprayer or by immersion. Surfaces must remain wet for 60 seconds. Drain thoroughly and allow to air dry before reuse. 
This product can be used in accordance with the U.S. Public Health Service food service sanitization recommendations.
CLEANING AND SANITIZING:  Equipment and utensils shall be thoroughly pre-?ushed or pre-scraped and when necessary, pre-soaked to remove gross food particles and soil. 1. Thoroughly wash equipment and utensils in hot detergent solution. 2. Rinse utensils and equipment thoroughly with clean water. 3. Sanitize equipment and utensils by immersion in this product [200 ppm active] for at least 60 seconds at a temperature of 75°F. 4. For equipment and utensils too large to sanitize by immersion, apply this product [200 ppm active] by rinsing, spraying or swabbing until thoroughly wetted. 5. Allow sanitized surface to drain and air dry.
WISCONSIN STATE BOARD OF HEALTH DIRECTIONS FOR EATING ESTABLISHMENTS  1. Scrape and pre-wash utensils and glasses whenever possible.
2. Wash with a good detergent or compatible cleaner. 3. Rinse with potable water. 4. Sanitize using this product [200 ppm active]. Immerse all utensils for at least two minutes or for contact time speci?ed by governing sanitary code. 5. Place sanitized utensils on a rack or drain board to air dry. 6. Replace product at least daily or when visibly soiled or diluted. NOTE: A clean potable water rinse following sanitization is not permitted under HFS 196, Appendix 7-204.11 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code (reference 40 CFR 180.940 (a)).