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scale x-treme

Product Code 0450

This premium delimer is a blend of inorganic acids combined with controlled foam surfactants and penetrants for superior performance. Low odored, it prevents corrosion while dissolving lime deposits, scale, milkstone, films and light rust from stainless steel, aluminum, tile, porcelain and other surfaces.
Can be diluted for manual cleaning or up to full strength for fast deliming of automatic dishmachines and C.I.P. equipment.

4 x 1 Gal


COLOR: Colorless
ODOR: Acid
VISCOSITY: <10 cps
pH: 0.6

GENERAL CLEANING: Dilute 2 to 6 ounces per gallon of water. Apply by spraying, brushing or wiping. Allow time to penetrate and loosen lime. Agitate, if necessary, using a nylon scrubber pad. Rinse thoroughly. Wipe dry to shine.
AUTOMATIC DISHMACHINES AND C.I.P. EQUIPMENT: Add full strength to machine filled with fresh water at the rate of 2 to 6 ounces per gallon of water. Spray extreme build-up areas with full strength product and scrub with nylon scrubber pad. Cycle machine for 15 minutes or until clean. Drain machine tank and rinse thoroughly. Wipe down exterior of machine as outlined in General Cleaning.