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metal mate

Product Code 0119

This premium metal-safe powdered machine warewashing detergent routinely  powers away the most difficult food soils including grease, fats, oils, protein and food stains. It is ideal and safe for use on everything from fine china to resistant
plastic tableware. This product will protect delicate machine parts from corrosion as well as inhibit build-up of scale and lime. Packaged in an auto-feed capsule for optimum use, control and safety.

4 x 8lb Case, 50lb


COLOR: White Powder
ODOR: Mild
pH (1%): 13.0
FOAMING: None to Low

Remove the cover from the capsule and turn it over, placing it in the dispenser screen side down. DO NOT REMOVE SCREEN CAP FROM THE CAPSULE. Remove and replace capsule when completely empty by turning screen side up and using cover from new capsule to close empty capsule.
Wash hands thoroughly after handling product. Consult your Service Representative for specific information on use of this product in your application.

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