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Laundry Emulsifier Detergent

Product Code 884C

This ultra concentrated detergent is formulated specifically for institutional, multi-component laundry systems. Incorporating the latest developments in liquid surfactant systems, it produces exceptional results in hot, warm or cold water temperatures. Safe for all water washable items when used as directed. New ULTRA CONCENTRATED formula improves ease of storage, handling and on premise use while delivering excellent end use economy. Designed for use with the wall mount storage rack to make the most of the available floor space.

2.5 gal. Case


COLOR: Clear Violet
ODOR: Pleasant Odor
pH : 9.5

Place product container in wall mounted Storage Rack. Place dispenser pickup tube into product container. Product will be automatically injected during the wash cycle. Consult your Sales Representative for specific instructions and application set up.
For Best Results: Pre-sort linens by fabric type, color and soil. Pre-treat heavily soiled or stained linens before loading into the machine. Load washer to correct capacity. Do not overload dryer. Use proper dryer temperature and remove linens promptly when dry. Do not over-dry linens. Fold or iron linens promptly after dry cycle. Store linens in separate, clean storage area. Allow shelf time for maximum freshness.